OpenShift is a cloud development Platform as a Service (PaaS) developed by Red Hat. It is an open source development platform, which enables the developers to develop and deploy their applications on cloud infrastructure. It is very helpful in developing cloud-enabled services.

OpenShift is capable of managing applications written in different languages, such as Node.js, Ruby, Python, Perl, and Java. One of the key features of OpenShift is it is extensible, which helps the users support the application written in other languages. OpenShift provides a common platform for enterprise units to host their applications on cloud without worrying about the underlying operating system.

With OpenShift, PaaS developer has the freedom to design their required environment with specifications.


There are multiple features supported by OpenShift :-

  • Multiple Language Support

How does OPENSHIFT work ?

OpenShift is a layered system wherein each layer is tightly bound with the other layer using Kubernetes and Docker cluster. The architecture of OpenShift is designed in such a way that it can support and manage Docker containers, which are hosted on top of all the layers using Kubernetes.

ORock : Industry use case

ORock Technologies provides cloud services and IaaS solutions for Independent Software Vendors and enterprise customers in government, media and entertainment, and highly regulated commercial markets. ORock operates a private, high-performance fiber optic network and a FedRAMP Moderate open source cloud to meet stringent customer requirements for data security, performance, and compliance.

Problem :

ORock Technologies (ORock) needed a technology partner to help it build a secure enterprise open source cloud solution for government and highly regulated industries. Red Hat worked with ORock to build a cloud environment on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, a container service on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and to gain Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) accreditation.

Solution :

The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform has also been critical to the cloud service provider’s success. It is the basis of ORock’s unique Secure Containers as a Service offering, a solution satisfying a specific niche: customers looking for a FedRAMP-certified managed container platform. OpenShift not only provides reliability and continuous innovation but enhanced security, including SELinux-powered container isolation and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) validated encryption, which is a key FedRAMP requirement.

It built a Secure Containers as a Service offering based on OpenShift containers running in the FedRAMP Moderate ORockCloud. The company became the only cloud service provider to offer a fully managed, FedRAMP-authorized container service based on OpenShift and the only cloud provider to offer FedRAMP-authorized Ceph storage.

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