WordPress Application setup using AWS RDS.

What is Wordpress ?

  • SEO — Search Engine Optimization (SEO) begins at a technical level and WordPress delivers an exceptional code base for SEO.
  • Speed — WordPress is a lean website framework that is constantly striving to remove code “bloat” that slows down the loading speed of a website.
  • Mobile-friendly — Most WordPress themes are now mobile-friendly or responsive out-of-the-box.
  • Media file library — WordPress includes a built-in media library where you can upload and embed media files such as images or videos into your pages or posts.
  • Easy-to-use user interface — WordPress is very easy to use with no complicated settings. If you can use a WordPress processor, you can use WordPress.
  • Custom menus — WordPress makes it easy to create navigation menus with links to your pages or custom links.
  • Built-in blog — Adding a blog to your website is as simple as publishing a post.

What is Amazon RDS ?

RDS stand for Relational Database Service.



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