WordPress Application setup using AWS RDS.

Himanshu Yadav
4 min readApr 8, 2021


In this blog i’m going to show you an example of application development using Amazon RDS. I’m going to use Wordpress, Mysql for this practical.

Firstly let me explain every tool one by one.

What is Wordpress ?

Wordpress is a free, open-source website creation platform. On a more technical level, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP that uses a MySQL database. Wordpress application provides a interface for our Wordpress account from where we can manage our wordpress activities.

As a website building platform and CMS, WordPress boasts an impressive feature set. Here are just a some of the many features of WordPress.

  • SEO — Search Engine Optimization (SEO) begins at a technical level and WordPress delivers an exceptional code base for SEO.
  • Speed — WordPress is a lean website framework that is constantly striving to remove code “bloat” that slows down the loading speed of a website.
  • Mobile-friendly — Most WordPress themes are now mobile-friendly or responsive out-of-the-box.
  • Media file library — WordPress includes a built-in media library where you can upload and embed media files such as images or videos into your pages or posts.
  • Easy-to-use user interface — WordPress is very easy to use with no complicated settings. If you can use a WordPress processor, you can use WordPress.
  • Custom menus — WordPress makes it easy to create navigation menus with links to your pages or custom links.
  • Built-in blog — Adding a blog to your website is as simple as publishing a post.

What is Amazon RDS ?

RDS stand for Relational Database Service.

DBMS is a very essential part of application development. DBMS is system software which help us in storing and managing data. AWS provides one such DBMS service called RDS.

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. RDS is very much powerful than normal DBMS. It provides number of features and very high security for our Database.

Lets start the practical.

First we launch an EC2 instance on which we are going to create our application.

We can check its public ip :

Now we create a RDS service on AWS, we are using MySql for this one :

we give it some userid and pass to provide access availability :

We enable its password authentication so that a system can connect to its using id and pass.

Now we connect to our ec2 instance where we are going to launch our Word press application

we go to /var/www/html folder because httpd server provides service only through this folder.

And here we download wordpress application.

as we downloaded our application in compressed form we unzip it.

we change httpd conf file to ALLOWOVERRIDE ALL.

now we install Mysql which make a bridge between us and database. we can only do something inside our database using program like mysql.

Using mysql we can run queries and retrieve , modify data inside our database.

also we need to install php as wordpress is php based application.

but to connect to our RDS through mysql we have to change networking rules of RDS .

we have to allow security group of our instance in inbound rules of security group of RDS.

here we added our ec2 instance sg in inbound rules of database sg.

Now our wordpress application is ready :

Now we can provide endpoint to our Wordpress application and then click submit.

Now we can use this application to for creating content.

That’s it.

Thank you.

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